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41 441 Police question

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    Unfortunately my friend passed in October and the info is no longer needed. Thanks for all the help.
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      Howdy sir,

      The bike you describe in Jerry’s book on page 88/89 is a 438 which would only have decals, at any rate, As an side, that 438 pic was taken at the former Klassix museum in Daytona during Bike Week at the hight of the antique Indian revival movement in the early 90’s. Buzz would feature various marque/region (US, Euro, etc) bike days throughout the week of which these events were better subscribed than even Indian Day in Springfield that we attended in 96. Many pix of Indians you see taken in a parking lot with a palm tree back drop were shot at this event as even the more reclusive owners were eager to participate.

      The owner of this machine, an older crusty ex dirt bike racer who busted my ballz relentlessly over the years - for being a then yuppie with uncharacteristic greasy/gnarly finger nails - had just bought this machine from the widow of the owner, a former policeman, who’d gotten it in his retirement. An ex Muncie Indiana police chief’s machine with ancient NOS Goodyear diamond treads it was a beautiful specimen. Later he arrived at the 97 Blue Ridge Road Run in Cherokee with it untouched but ready for duty....he thought. I was stunned and said the weather can change in the course of one turn in the mountains and those tires would not do, he declared I can ride anything. I was 100 yards behind him when it began to mist and he high sided and went down hard.

      Miss my 441, police machines were often delivered with only the main Indian badges with the 4 rare side pieces deleted.
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        Peter, you probably already knew this; the previous owner of that 1938 Four was Bernie Morgan. He had a large ranch here in Sarasota (didn't know police were that well paid He hosted a National AMCA meet at his ranch around 1976(?) for only 1 year. He had an amazing collection of early O.P. motorcycles and let many people ride them on his property. Although he must have had a long, and committed interest in early American motorcycles, he was another rich guy that came and went very quickly. He hosted that one meet, and fell off the map. Our past editor, Charlie Carter probably knows a lot more about Bernie, and that '38, (since he had one himself).
        Eric Smith
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          The bike in the picture either 40 or 41 would have been fitted with a B&M Siren by the looks of it. Here is another picture of 440 or 441 police bike it may help your restoration.
          1940 Indian 003.jpg

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