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1913-ish Pierce Single project

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  • 1913-ish Pierce Single project

    After several months, my Pierce Single frame has finally arrived safely to my garage in California. This frame was discovered by a friend of mine who found it while traveling through Massachusetts. My plans are to repair the obvious rust damage, and to track down a good Pierce single cylinder motor.

    I am very new to antique motorcycles so I expect this will be a learning experience for me. The bike is in extremely rough condition but thankfully no worse than I had expected.

    I am guessing that it is a 1913 model based on the serial number and what I have learned about the year/model differences, but please correct me if this does not sound accurate.

    I’m sure I’ll have plenty of questions moving forward, but I’ll also post more photos here as I make progress!


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    2F635092-FE5B-4C17-BA82-1A3976B554C0.jpeg778B193B-9AD9-4097-874D-AB2F68766485.jpeg Some oil-soaking and torching helped free up that fork steer tube from the bearing cups. Also, I was able to get that threaded upper bearing cup free.



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      Did the Mass owner have any history or background details on the Pierce?


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        Not much history unfortunately. It was pulled from a property that was getting rehabbed when it was offered to him. There was no opportunity to speak with the old owner or dig for other parts.


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          Wow, that's a serious project to undertake! Good for you and good luck. My suggestion is to be very patient and persistent, keep good notes and build a network. You will be surprised at what may turn up.


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            Wonderful and good luck with it. If you get a chance check out the So Cal chapter facebook page. The IMS motorcycle show was this weekend and there was a fantastic Pierce single there, I took several photo's of it. There on the facebook page :-) Also there is a guy who rides one every year at the Pasadena HCCA run, which is coming up in Dec, he is almost always there riding it around, I would try to make it if I was you .


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              Good info.. thank you!


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                These are fantastic when done. I have been up close on one lately and it’s stunning. Do a little research on which magneto you need. I may be able help source one.


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                  I believe the correct magneto is a “Herz” as i’ve only seen this type if mag on Pierce singles. Thanks for the help!




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                    Pretty sure I can get you one but I don’t know what to charge you! Haha! I will check this weekend. I am helping a friend clear out a lot of early, early parts. By the way I think we already connected over a V8 manifold a couple/ few months back.


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                      Email me at and include your cell phone number. I will be in touch.