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    Can someone provide a pic(s) of a '40 to '42 Chief or Four original seat pan, from the bottom? Hatfield's Indian book only shows covered pans and from the top only, with the only distinguishing factors being a longer nose and rolled over leather on the edges for '40 and up versus the "open edge" seam used prior to '40. I have multiple pans assembled over the years and looking to determine what is right before I decide to maybe sell what I don't need. The one's I have are a mix. Here's a few pics.


    These two seats above are the same pan as far as general appearance and they both have holes, except the one on the left has the two lugs for the side seat protectors that I understand were only on police bikes in the later 40's, not '40-'42. The rolled over leather edge would be correct for '40's. The seat on the right is the open edge, which I assume would be pre '40.

    Here are two more...


    These are the same in general appearance, but with NO holes in the pan. If I recall, I think the uncovered pan had an open edge on it, as does the other pan.

    So, are any of these correct for a '40-'42, at least enough to have them recovered? The leather is toast on most of them. I do have a re-pop as well, but that was not worth posting in this discussion. If I am wrong with anything I stated, let me know.

    Thank in advance!

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    I'm sure another member who has had he same seats will respond soon, though when I once thought I had found a deep pan Mesinger seat, Wayne Hagler helped me identify the pan correctly. Heather's Leathers also has photos for reference, though I don't know if this type of pan is shown. Contact or Chuck & JoeAnn at The Saddle Shop 386-690-3797.
    Jim Parker of Parker Indian in Australia also does various types of Indian model restoration and might have the answer. Contact and ask him.
    Good luck.


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      The pan to use on the 40-42 is the vented pan on the right in the first picture without the side protector studs. 40-42 should have the thick aircell foam padding, rolled seam, and garment weight leather. The one with the studs is '46. The 2 pans without holes are '38, '39 long nose, non-vented.
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        Sent you a PM.


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          Thanks for the responses. This helps. Does anyone know if Indian embossed the leather on the originals with the round logo? I see it all the time, but not sure if that was from the factory.


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            Based on what I have seen as well, I think that's the reason you see the symbol on the seats. Even my original Indian vertical unrestored seat has the same stamping. I don't know yet who made the vertical seats, though as you can see, the same stamp was even on them. I think many seat restorers do this to be faithful to the authenticity of the original designs. I think it's a nice touch.
            I have seen this on Kiwi seats,, Heather's Leathers and other modern restorations.
            Indian sourced out many parts, especially in the post-war era. If you ever see the film Indian Summer, there is a guy interviewed late in the film who worked in the parts sourcing department for Indian at some point. I am still trying to find half the sources for vertical parts; tanks, frames, bolts--other stamped parts, though no one knows who the company symbols belong to and so no one knows who made the part.
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