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Chief Overdrive Gearbox - Clutch Core fitment

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  • Chief Overdrive Gearbox - Clutch Core fitment

    I know I have my fingers in a lot of fires with the bike right now and am flooding the forum, hope its ok, I am separating the questions so that it perhaps will help someone in the future. (Bikes off the road for this week, replacing clutch, and checking oil scavenge valve and the breather valve as well as some measurements and stuff.

    My 4 speed came with "some" documentation and limited drawings. I installed it a few years ago and did not get to ride the bike more than about 4k miles. Ive been complaining about the clutch and the friction point of the petal for a few weeks now and all this has me opening up the clutch side of the gearbox, I am going to recheck my install for proper alignment and shimming. (Perhaps my current concern below is part of the problem.)

    First thing I am noticing and I cant remember it being this way when I put it together is that the Clutch Core (Overdrive naming), wobbles on the spline shaft, not a huge amount but more than I would ever expect! (The 3 speed has a keyed clutch core, called Clutch Hub). Anyway, this can't be good and so I wanted to know if anyone else see this? I have the proper retaining rings in place and the clutch core retainer is there. I don't like this wobble at all, it seems to me anything fitting a splined shaft is a close fit and may even need pullers to remove the part from the spline? Yes it wobbles when everything is tightened up. Maybe I am just getting over concerned? Ive looked and I can buy a new clutch core but its really pricy and I don' want to buy it to find out its designed like this. Thoughts, experience? Sorry wobble is really not a technical word, but it does rock on the spline.
    Bob Beatty
    AMCA 19209

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    You may have found your "Gremlin". I can't think of any purpose a 'wobbly' or unstable clutch core/hub would serve?
    As your planning on pulling the clutch is it a lot of work to pull the core to check for fitment on splines??
    (Please send pictures)