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    I find much from the Govt. about MOTORCYCLE paint colors during the war. Although my research was somewhat vague, especially Indian's data during the war years. It was like there was a black hole, void of information regarding the Indians. I also discovered there was a pretty big battle at the WigWam about the stock numbers and inventory status.
    Since the part numbers were allegedly changed to Military serial numbering, much of the inventories were mixed up, incomplete or totally missing. I understand that most Chiefs were exported, mostly to Eastern Europe and some to South America, New Zealand and Australia.
    I don't have the totals, but I read somewhere that there were about 2200 Domestic EU Chiefs produced during 1944-45.
    Maybe someone in the lands down under might be able to help out with the export production numbers more accurately than I can provide.

    As for colors of Grey, when I looked up "Military Grey"... I found a treasure trove of "Grey" that the Military used, from around the '40's until more recently. Many of the grey's were only used for a few years, in various campaigns, around the globe. Some were distinctly different, others were similar in tint or hue. Some were used as camouflage to inhibit submarines, aircraft, and early radar detection. Later used by the US Air Force, the grey color became a staple for the military armament, and the Army's OD Green, took a back seat to a more palatable (peacetime) color.
    The same for the different BLUE's in the color spectrum. Later, during the many middle Eastern conflicts, after 1948, the familiar shades of TAN or BROWN were applied to Military equipment. Referred to as Desert Brown, there is alot of variables, too. Probably according to region, or era, the colors vary widely. As well as the patterns of the camouflage.
    I have no idea which General pulled rank, and got first pick of his favorite shade of the appropriate color. I can only imagine.

    An interesting study, researching military colors became TMI for me, a big reason why I chose '1945 JEEP Grey' for the color of my project... introduction of the Military Jeep ended up as the replacement Military vehicle for motorcycles as a combat weapon during the war... motorcycles then became a more ancillary part of the MIC (Military Industrial Complex).

    as a side note, after I saw the movie "50 shades of Grey", I thought the story would make good conversion about my color choice, depending who I was speaking with... ha,ha !!



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      I'm pleasantly pleased to see there are so many variations in these EU Chiefs. The numbers are so few, and original parts are hard to find, so they are being ridden just the way they are. That's what I plan to do.
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