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Help with a Harley 1915-29 Pocket Valve book please

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    I can help with some JDH inside pictures
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      Guys, I didn't realise how little I knew about the JDs compared with the VLs, and there were many changes over the 15 model years we are looking at. I've restored a 1918 and a 1928 as riders, but 'points bikes' for judging are a different ball game. I don't want to copy a fragile original parts book, but could do with a recommendation for a reprint earlier than the 1922-26 one I have. You know how Harley airbrushed out some technical change by superseding parts and retrofitting them in the newer parts books.

      The book breaks down into three sections. First mostly text about the business environment, models and production numbers, and general buying and restoration advice. I'm OK with this. Next two full page photos per model year plus major changes from the sales brochures. Some pictures are missing or poor quality, but the text is probably pretty close now. The third section runs through major assemblies roughly in part number order, with more technical detail and color photos of each part changed, and here's where I'm struggling. I can't even write a list of changes for many of the sections, and could use help here. Email me at if you'd like to contribute, and then I can search out the photos and write text around them.

      It's more work than I thought but will be good when finished. It's 30 years since Jerry Hatfield wrote Inside Harley-Davidson, and the pictures are all black and white and from a technical writer rather than a Harley restorer. All my coffee table books with JD pictures in them are 20 years old, and feature restored bikes that may not pass muster today with AMCA judges.

      If you have any contacts on social media, perhaps you can ask them, but in the mean time any help is much appreciated.


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        Steve, this is one of the reference parts books i use.


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          Thank you Mick, the reference is much appreciated.


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            Steve, this is a picture of a 1916 pedal block H-D P.N. EG-662. One year only, and this particular pedal is NOS, courtesy of Tommo. I probably won't use it as it is hard as a rock, and wouldn't take much abuse. I just love looking at it

            pedal 16.JPG
            Eric Smith
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              Thanks to everybody who has helped, and we are now about half way through. I'm still looking for pictures of good 1917, 1918 and 1922 bikes if you know of any. Email if you would like to involved.


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                Dear All, Matt at Wheels Through Time is stepping in with some good 1917 and 1918 bike pictures, so that leaves only 1922. Are there any good 1922 pocket valve twins out there where the owner can supply pictures? If so, many thanks, and all contributions will be acknowledged.