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1952 45ci Air Filter

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  • 1952 45ci Air Filter

    I Need a air filter for my 1952 Servi car, all I have left is the cage it had a foam insert that fell apart. K&N has a filter PN# E-2470 for $59.99 anyone know another manufacture that has one and what the part number is and what are you using? I though about using copper wool to form a new filter like the original but I would like something that would filter the air better.

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    The K&N will not work in a J-slot air filter housing. It is too wide and one cannot compress the filter enough to hook the slo. If you have the center screw type housing it should work.


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      I Have the bayonet type mount not center screw, I made a filter with copper wool but he center cage that I have was made for the foam cover and doesn't fit tight, need something to take up the space and seal


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        Copper wool is useful as a filter for a boat or airplane.
        Otherwise not.
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          I've still got a Geoff Ringle Old Iron K&N on the shelf, Folks!

          With the special stainless spring assembly, for ninety bucks.

          Just opened it up again, and there is no K&N part number on the filter, although still in the bag. It measures ~1.930" in thickness.

          I have never installed one, because brillo pad filter elements are absolutely the best.
          (If you don't think so, please buy my dead inventory.)

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            Originally posted by kitabel View Post
            Copper wool is useful as a filter for a boat or airplane.
            Otherwise not.
            In your experience what do you feel is best? I got away from foam because of fuel soaking and possible fire. I feel the K&N is too restrictive. Currently running copper mesh in a non sand environment and bike runs great. Curious for you opinion. Thanks.
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              Obviously, the largest area that fits inside the can is best. Read David Vizard's tests of the K&N, it's only restrictive when over-oiled (very common). There is a formula on the K&N site to determine how much filter area you need for how much power, then select a "universal" shape you can use. The usual CFM formula (D X RPM X VE / 3,456) is too small for a V-twin because the intake vacuum pulses are much stronger but much farther apart than in a V8 of the same size). An engineering friend suggested that this result times 3.3 is closer to what you want. 45.12" X 4,500 RPM X 90% VE = 53 CFM, X 3.3 = 174 CFM. K&N elements flow about 6 CFM per square inch; you need as close to 29 square inches or 6" OD X 1.54" element height + .75" for the ends = 2.30" thick. Use your actual cover ID and adjust height as needed.
              With the center screw cover, although the OD is limited by the can ID you could use a much thicker element and a longer screw. Yes, it will get wet if ridden in rain.
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                Jerry Greer sells a K&N that is made for the J-slot type cover.
                Part # JG-2922


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                  That looks like K&N E-3180,
                  • Height: 1.75 in
                  • Inside Diameter: 4.5 in
                  • Outside Diameter: 5.875 in
                  The filter area is 18.45", smaller than I would like
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