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Mystery VL kicker sector gear

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  • Mystery VL kicker sector gear

    I have what appears at first glance to be a VL transmission kicker sector gear (the -31 or -32 one and not the -16 JD style)
    Anyway, it is different in one major way, it has a larger OD and more teeth.
    Being a sector gear, it only has gear teeth for a section of the OD, however, if it were a complete circle with teeth all around the periphery, it would have a slightly larger OD and at least one or maybe two additional teeth than the standard kicker gear would.
    As a result it doesn’t mesh with the mainshaft kicker gear. It would mesh with a smaller mainshaft kicker gear if one existed.
    What do I have here?
    Thx in advance.
    Mark Masa
    Mark Masa

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    Dear Mark, I'd like to know as well. They are being sold on eBay and I'm being contacted because these 13 tooth versions don't fit the VL.


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      I got this one in a pile I bought a while back. Sold it on eBay without noticing the difference and the buyer pointed it out after he received it. I accepted the return obviously.
      Steve, if you don’t know them I’m going to say that no one does.
      Mark Masa