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65 FL Triple Tree Dilemma

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    Originally posted by JSB55 View Post

    And, or course, you're right as usual, Robbie. This front end has been driving me nuts. Confusing enough that HD used casting numbers that, in this case, were in some cases one digit off from the part number (DUH!???) Palmer Ed 2, p 115 describes the 60-64 setup for an adjustable fork, then in one sentence says 65-68 is the same, which I guess I glossed over, since he started a new section for 65-68.

    It did not make any sense to me they would have introduced that plate for a padlock without a spot on the neck to also engage it, which, sure enough, showed up in 69.

    Back to Plan A, cutting off the welded on lock plate and drilling the stem to accept the lock plunger.

    As it happens, I had a lock kit sitting in my parts box, and it has the welch plug for the hole in the front of the neck, so that mystery is solved for me, as well.

    Sorry to have troubled you, but glad I asked!

    Never be sorry! The unasked questions are the unanswered ones..
    Robbie Knight Amca #2736


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      John, did you get your sidecar mounted, if so, how does ride?


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        Originally posted by ryan View Post
        John, did you get your sidecar mounted, if so, how does ride?
        Got sidetracked on another project, so the bike is not yet fully assembled, and I'm missing the front tiebar for sidecar mounting, anyway, so it may be a while. You might know, that tiebar is the one part of the sidecar attachment that is not readily available either as decent shape OEM, NOS, or repop.
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