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1965 XLCH sportster

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  • 1965 XLCH sportster

    At the end 2018 I found this bike on Craigs list he wanted 1200.00 talked hem down to 950.00 rolling chassis no tank and seat, motor sitting out of the frame in the rain and mud with no front lifter tube/cover motor was stuck and came with a butter cup of nuts and blots and the horseshoe tank completed end of 2019, I have been riding all year motor sounds good, 2020 has been a good year for riding not much else.
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    Very nice !


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      This is what I found when I cracked it open could have been worse pistons weren't stuck the oil was dryed out and cams stuck some pitting on cam lobes filter screen when touched turned to powder but overall not that bad. ( will post more later on restoration )

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        Looking Good Silver. I'd like to see the Restoration process also. You're right about 2020, a Very weird year, but Yes--riding was awesome!



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          Bike looks great! Is that spare gas on your shock? What type of straps are you using for attachment? Thanks.
          Bob Rice #6738


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            Yes spare gas 32 oz. online lowbrow customs with carrier, strap is nylon with velcro. Those 2.2 gal tanks seam to go quick so I got extra fuel if I wandered to far away also added AAA motorcycle this year. Bottom of Oem shock cover is flared so it doesn't slide off.


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              Good looking bike and nice restoration.
              Craig (Delaware)
              Perkiomen Chapter
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                I think I should diagnose my self with OCD due to the fact that I consider this project work in progress I still have to refinish the oem primary cover and change out the rocker boxes to correct year and after the respoke of both front and rear wheels with buchanan's stainless steel spokes and removed the B on every tip and polished to find out that I should have bead blasted them if I wanted to have the bike judged at one of the meets with no points deducted and the fact that the frame is I 2 sept. of 62 frame and titled with a 65 motor and front brake hub is wrong although I do have the correct brake hub what I have heard people call the hamburger hub then of corse there is the hardware. I wonder should I restamp the frame to something like J 4 or B 5 ?
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                  That is a very nice bike. I like the creative extra fuel.

                  If you are interested in judging, I'd suggest you first join the old k model and sportster research group forum and peruse the technical section.

                  Then, get in touch with Don D. (Chief Judge) and Dave Carlton (judge for sportsters) for more information.

                  There are also others here with a deep love of correctly restored sportsters, such as Magneto Sportster. He and another AMCA member run an excellent Facebook forum dedicated to restoring and enjoying original sportsters and k models.

                  All of these guys can best advise you on next steps if you're serious about judging.


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                    Absolutely beautiful motorcycle! Very nice work.