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hello from Arizona.

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  • hello from Arizona.

    Im happy to have found this forum and am looking forward to finding out information and some help in restoring this 1945 Indian i have. i put a pic up to show everyone what i have to work with.

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    Welcome to the forum. Great looking Indian.


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      Nice Chief, Clae! Not sure what your end goal is, Roger put a nice one together :
      Pisten Bulley is Harry Roberts in Vermont.


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        WOW!! those are nice.. really nice bikes in the thread above. thanks pisten-bully.

        well as far as the one i have its in pretty good shape considering its age. ive spent a good bit at starklite getting new wiring and mechanical parts. i dont think its to far off from running however running well is another thing. since i had to redo all the wiring i did go with the 12v system. everything ive read and the people ive talked to did steer me in that direction.

        only things i really need after that are fenders and a speedometer. the fenders are fiberglass so i know they arent original and the speedometer is missing.

        end goal is a ridable machine pretty much..

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          Greeting's clae, welcome to the Forum. Nice year Indian, have fun with the rebuild.



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            Welcome aboard!
            That Indian is a great project to have going forward!
            Craig (Delaware)
            Perkiomen Chapter
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              Good luck. Looks like you have a great bike to start the project.
              Lots of excellent info, and talented and helpful people on this site.


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                thanks for the welcome everyone,
                ya, it should be nice when completed. im having a hell of a time locating metal fenders thus far. lucky theres really no rush i guess the fiberglass ones will do until i find some.
                i was met with a little sticker shock with the speedometers.. think im going to take my time and look around a bit.


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                  Welcome GREAT looking bike!

                  This might be of interest:
                  Bob's Indians: BUILD A CORBIN "GPS" SPEEDOMETER
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                    Originally posted by PaulCDF View Post
                    Welcome GREAT looking bike!

                    This might be of interest:
                    Bob's Indians: BUILD A CORBIN "GPS" SPEEDOMETER
                    indeed is a possibility. nothings ever off the table. im on a waiting list for a speedo with starklite. i look forward to the days of going to swap meets and things when this dam covid crap goes away