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Herbert Wagner, H-D 30-41

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  • Herbert Wagner, H-D 30-41

    I'm tired of seeing my previous post about Don Emde's 'The Speed Kings' as I scroll through the topics. I would like to mention one of my all time favorite Harley-Davidson books (actually, my favorite); Herbert Wagner's 'Harley-Davidson 1930-1941'. Every time I open this book, I'm stuck for over an hour, and that's a lot of bathroom time. Get this book for your library, or bathroom; you won't regret it.

    Eric Smith
    AMCA #886

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    Howdy Eric,

    Back in 90-91 there was an OP blue 47 Knuckle, low mileage from W Va (I think) for only $7,500 at the monstrous Volusia county fairgrounds swap meet which as a young whippersnapper stretched out running Porsches and restoring Indians I could not remotely afford it but pined away frustratingly for the entire week of viewing it on display at various Bike Week locations but knowing it was not to be. Herbert’s book fortified me in the interim until one day I got my own cruiser green 41 FLH 20 years later. Not OP or now low mileage (ride’n the wheels off it) it’ll be at the donkey barn here shortly and I still have post it notes stuck in the various pages of Herbert’s tome 30 years later.
    1950 Vincent - A Red Rapide Experience


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      I'll be there too, Peter. The plan is to sell some junk, maybe a few good parts, and look for a Triumph.
      Eric Smith
      AMCA #886


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        'Guys who rode motorcycles, not bar stools, or slogans" indeed, a wonderful book...


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          I can't remember reading ANY book cover-to-cover in the last three decades,...

          Except this one.

          PS: I sold a bunch too. Thanks Mr. Wagner!
          AMCA #776
          Dumpster Diver's Motto: Seek,... and Ye Shall Find!


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            I just bought a copy of this book on Ebay for $19.99. And it's a signed copy ! I can't put it down !!