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  • 1919 Motorcycle Illustrated Magazine

    I'm looking for a copy of a page from the 1919, Volume 15, Motorcycle Illustrated Magazine, page 22. I believe this page contains an article/ad for the first year 1919 Briggs & Stratton Motor Wheel. If a fellow collector/researcher has a copy I would dearly like a copy. I have items to trade like early original motorcycle photos, postcards and such or I will just pay for the copy. Thanks


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    Google seems to think the magazine was called "Motorcycle & Bicycle Illustrated" at that time, if it's on the WWW it must be true, right?
    Or not. Anyway, Motorcycle & Bicycle Illustrated is on line from 1908-1922 here:

    I looked through some of it, didn't see the B & S Motorwheel-may have missed it- but a LOT of other very interesting stuff from that era.
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      Hi Rich, thanks so much for the link. What a treasure trove of information. I did find some really nice ads/articles for the Motorwheel from 1919 but not the info I was looking for. This will take me some time to search all the issues. Not to mention all the issues for other years and other motorcycles. Who knows what I will find.This will be a good way to spend the cold winter days.

      I have had good luck with Google Books. I have found numerous articles, photos and ads from a wide variety of publications that I would have never found any other way. Unfortunately they always don't give you access to the publication because of copy right laws. But it is another lead.



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        Is this it
        Click image for larger version

Name:	B&GMotorWheel.jpg
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Name:	B&GMotorWheel3.jpg
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Name:	B&GMotorWheel1.jpg
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Name:	B&GMotorWheel2.jpg
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        Link below
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          How'd I miss that? Waytogo Gary!
          (I was only up to May.)
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            It was pretty much this approach Click image for larger version

Name:	BlindSquirrel.jpg
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              Thanks Gary,I found that 4 page ad also. Not the info I was looking for. I'm just finishing my research on Perry Mack and I'm trying to find info that he designed/improved the Smith Motor Wheel also. No question he designed the B&S Motor Wheel and all of B&S's early 1920's motors. He started working for A.O. Smith in 1914 after he finished his Mack Motor adventure. I think when I search the July 1919 issues I may find something. Time will tell.