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Wanted: Kicker parts for 1913 Indian Big Twin TT

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  • Wanted: Kicker parts for 1913 Indian Big Twin TT

    I need all of the parts for the forward kick starter for a 1913 Big Twin TT 2 speed. The original parts were loaned out for duplication but not returned. Id also be interested in having copies made or engineering drawings created. Thanks. Rob

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    That sucks, it's no wonder some people don't want to help others when there are people around that will do this sort of thing.

    Good luck with your search, I hope someone can help you
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    1915 Indian (project)
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      Ziggy in Canada made the complete assembly. He may still have some left. (519) 650-1339


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        My father could never turn down a request for help. In this case the borrower was a good person but died before the parts were returned and things got complicated.

        I called Ziggy and I’m getting a set of the parts needed. Ziggy knew my father from meeting him at Davenport when my father was searching for parts for a different project.

        Thanks everyone for the support and suggestions.