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Wanted: Kicker parts for 1913 Indian Big Twin TT

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  • Wanted: Kicker parts for 1913 Indian Big Twin TT

    I need all of the parts for the forward kick starter for a 1913 Big Twin TT 2 speed. The original parts were loaned out for duplication but not returned. Id also be interested in having copies made or engineering drawings created. Thanks. Rob

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    That sucks, it's no wonder some people don't want to help others when there are people around that will do this sort of thing.

    Good luck with your search, I hope someone can help you
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      Ziggy in Canada made the complete assembly. He may still have some left. (519) 650-1339


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        My father could never turn down a request for help. In this case the borrower was a good person but died before the parts were returned and things got complicated.

        I called Ziggy and I’m getting a set of the parts needed. Ziggy knew my father from meeting him at Davenport when my father was searching for parts for a different project.

        Thanks everyone for the support and suggestions.



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          Ziggy finished the kick starter “kit” and I just received mine. Very nice work - I couldn’t be happier! Now I need to get it installed. But before I can do that I want to get the parts painted/plated and I have a few questions:

          a) which parts were plated and which painted?
          b) plating would be electroless nickel? (yes?)
          c) should I polish any of the parts more than their current finish? (no?)
          d) is there a good way to “rough up” the worked/weld areas to match the unfinished metal? My OCD showing.
          e) if parts were painted, would they be black or Indian red?
          f) these parts are too large for my home plating kit. Can anyone recommend a player I can trust to do a quality job and not lose parts?

          Thanks everyone.

          oh - is there a way to slightly age new red paint to not have it stand out? The bike is original paint.


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            I’ve been told all of the parts should be nickel plated.