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Thread: 6 Volt Delco-Remy 16 Horn

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    I'm confused. I believe part number 4829-31 Terminal Square Fiber goes on the outside of the horn. First goes 4729-31 then 4829-31 then the two nuts. My buddy thinks he go on the inside of the horn under the terminal screw heads. I've never seen horn with them still in tacked. Any veiws on this or answers as to how it goes? Thanks

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    The square goes inside, the insulator with the lip outside to keep the screw centered in the hole. Both terminals are basically hot until the button is pushed and grounds one side, so both need to be insulated from the horn body.
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    Robbie, If you put juice to one horn terminal and ground the other one ( Wire attached but not run to horn button for test of horn) and the wire sparks when touched to bare frame spot and the horn don't toot the horn is shorted out inside? But if both terminals are hot until one is grounded by horn button wouldn't it do the same thing? Spark where the horn button grounds out? Or as you say both are supposed to be hot and the horn's bad?

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