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Thread: Pinion gear Instaliation

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    Default Pinion gear Instaliation

    Just had a super quick reply to my last question on rings... hope I'm on a roll here

    I have come across a few mentions in these forums regarding re-installing the pinion gear to the flywheel pinion shaft.

    If hammering the gear back on could loosen the pinion shaft nut off, or even worse put the flywheel assembly out of true, whats the trick ?

    Is there a special tool ? can it be easily knocked up ? I certainly would be wary of using the left handed thread and nut to pull the gear back on !

    I look forward to reading your solutions.
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    Howdy sir,

    You didn’t mention if you were trying to put an original or repop pinion gear on a Jim’s (?), similar or original shaft. An original to original can be safely done by merely chilling your flywheel assy in the fridge, heating the gear with some anti seize applied and lightly tapped on. That nut has few threads and can’t reliably be used to “pull” the gear on in an unknown mating pair.

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    I just stick it in the oven at 300 degrees for 20 minutes and it slides right on.

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    Kiwi has a pinion installation tool

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