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Thread: Please restore articles that were on this website

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    Default Please restore articles that were on this website

    I have been trying to find the article "Secrets of the Sportster"

    Apparently the AMCA has taken down this content.

    Having worked as a tech writer and magazine editor, I have watched several billion-dollar multinationals change link addresses and move content and delete content. This is inexcusable. Creating "link rot" should be a felony. If you don't want it visible to the general public, fine, make it members only, but please please don't take it down.

    Is there any way to get this content back up?

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    Sportster Paul - I looked into this with a question to Bill Wood the current magazine editor. Bill indicated that there doesn't appear to be any logical way to trace back to any material that was previously on the AMCA web. I believe there was some pretty wholesale change of IT systems and that possibly there is no longer access. There is a gap in institutional knowledge maybe because people have left. I'll see if I can find more info. Maybe you can post a request in the forum to see if anyone could scan and send you a copy.

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    Default re: Please restore articles that were on this website

    Oh sorry, I should have known this was just some IT churn and not an intentional decision to take the down content. If anyone has a scan, or even a picture of the pages, or information on what issues the articles were in that would be great. If a member wants to mail me the two issues I can scan the articles and mail the issues back.

    Next question is getting them posted for all to enjoy. If I can post the articles in this forum I would, or if there is somewhere else the AMCA wants it that is fine with me. I could also post it on the XLForum, or better yet, the harleyKmodel forum, since they store the pictures there. I would only do that with permission from the AMCA of course, its copyrighted material

    Thanks for the speedy reply, I met many great AMCA folks at the recent Sunshine meet near Daytona last week.

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    Default re: Please restore articles that were on this website

    Well, I found part 2 on the Wayback Machine:

    Unfortunately no pictures. Not sure if Herb is still around but will write to the emails on his website:
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