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Indian Vertical Handlebars Mid-Rise Original?

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  • Indian Vertical Handlebars Mid-Rise Original?

    I recently purchased these bars from someone in MS. They were advertised as Indian vertical and appear to be the type commonly found on the Indian Road Warrior models.
    Can any one of you verify what these are?
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    Here are the measurements;
    Here are the measurements;
    riser spacing, inside to inside=2" exact, outside to outside=4" exact.
    bend to riser axis=6 1/2"
    end to end measurement=32 1/4"
    top of one grip to top of other grip=21"
    circumference of tubing= 2 2/4"

    Wally at BMB Cycles said there were three types listed in the manuals; standard, English style (Arrow and Scout) and Western (TT).
    Are these then an example of what Indian considered "standard" in the 1949-1951 range?



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      Don't know name terminology but will add I've seen a handful of 49 Scouts with the high bars on them exactly as pictured. My two very original 249s have the lower more commonly seen bars. I would be surprised if those you bought are not original from Indian.
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        Pete Sink seems to think all the preliminary info indicates they are in fact original. Wally is also doing a little research and will let us know what he finds.
        The ad I found says there were also accessory bars; one is obviously not these PN 1889021 which have completely different measurements.
        Then there is the updated parts list with an accessory PN 1889016 which is called "Semi-Rise Handlebars 7/8" designed for clamp-on controls."
        Low bars are also called "English" in the list. Then there is "Western," also called "Hi-Rise" bars, which you can't really mistake for any other type. Then the list says, "standard," which is what I think they are saying these are, if the parts numbers changed or there is another type.
        Robin Markey once told me Indian made all handlebars for the verticals in-house. I don't know of any company that made reproduction bars after 53, though I have seen Flanders F5 bars on verticals. I purchased a set once thinking, well they were on a vertical so they must be original or correct. Live and learn.
        Thank you for your input.
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