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Front Hub Id

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  • Front Hub Id

    Hello Folks,

    Can anyone help me id the year and model of the front hub on my 34/40 Scout? I'm confused by the aluminum plug, (see photo). All I can think of is a front wheel speedo cable opening, with a plug made by the PO. I have other parts I'll be throwing up here as well to id. The Scout has several different year components, and I'm trying to go through it systematically.

    Sorry for the rotated image.

    Much thanks,

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    Looks like my 741 backing plate but I have the speedo drive mounted.Not familiar with other year scouts which may have been similar.
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      Sport Scout and 741's or any with a girder fork had that type of anchor arm and the earlier ones had the plunger type on the leafers is all I know.


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        741 backing plate, the hole is for the speedo drive and plugged as you suspected. Sport Scout speedo was driven off the rear wheel.


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          Thanks! Sure enough, found this part online. Backing plate for a 741. Shows the front speedo hole and mounting screw.

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