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New to Indian 1941 Scout 741 oil line routing

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  • New to Indian 1941 Scout 741 oil line routing


    I added a new ride to my garage a 1941 Indian Scout 741. Engine number GDA32592

    It has not run since 05 but seems to be mostly in tact.

    Question on the oil lines:
    1. The rear angle has no hose connected anyone know where this goes? When I turn the engine over I get air out.
    2. The small diameter tube out of th tank routes to a hole in the chain driving the generator is that right does it just put out vapor in the chain?

    thanks in advance!
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    Very cool, welcome to Indians - cool machine. The back line goes to the rear chain, the other one does supply oil to the gen chain. Keep an eye on it, that chain come loose and it will tear stuff up. Make sure it's straight and adjusted + oiled and your good to go. Hope you love your Scout! where you located? north, south? I am in So Cal, good luck.


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      Tom thanks again!

      So the line runs to the gen chain and looks to be missing a threaded cap. I'll make the rear one out of copper tubing, do you know where it ends up sitting over the drive chain?

      I am in the bay area. I have a 63 R69S BMW with a Steib side car and this Indian... you?


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        I am in L.A. have a couple Indians and a Henderson - all I can handle, no more room :-) I just bent the tube until I had it over my rear chain where I liked it. Lot's of good folks up there and great riding, good luck hope you enjoy your Indian.


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          Thanks any bay area contacts are much appreciated.