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  • Indian 809 Headlamp

    Can anyone tell me if this looks like original Indian? Or early re-pop? I wanted to see if I could take it to a metal guy to work on it, but before I spend any money on it, I wanted to get some opinions. I cannot find anything on this 809 in the forum, and I am sure there was some discussion on it back in the day on CAIMAG that I never printed out. There is not much of anything anywhere online that I can find. And you never see any closeups of headlamps in the pictures. Also would like to know what year(s) the 809 was used on? This one came with my 42 Chief in a box of parts. I also have a second one exactly like it but without the script.


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    Howdy sir,

    Guess what I commented on these was at CAIMAG but not here. This is the one on my 441 before replating, found on Dietz sealed beam Indians in 41-42 time frame. Have never seen an 809 repoped. Hope your metal chap is a wizard, these stretch far more than they merely dent, but yours is rare and worth saving. Insist your chromer tape off that Indian 809 as he does the inevitable copper build after reshaping or it’ll be obscured in final plating.

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      headlight , chromed , some black as replacement parts , plain or stamped w/809 and Indian **no dietz**


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        Thanks, Peter. I am a little worried about being able to save it. I had someone mentioning the stretch to me this morning. The taping advice when plating I remember you providing to someone else, so I will make sure that happens if this one is miraculously saved.

        If anyone knows a good metal guy, I am all ears.


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          My spotlights were in similar shape to your headlight

          My headlight is a NOS that said "Dietz 809 made in USA safety light" filled and re labled "Indian 809"

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   my lamp back from the metal guy today.....or should I say "wizard"? Wow...I couldn't be happier as I thought this piece might end up sitting on a shelf. He did a fantastic job, at least in my opinion. It won't be going to the plater until I have all parts ready to go, but I will be sure to heed Peter's advice on watching the inscription so they don't cover it up. I'll post when that is done down the road.