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1922 Indian Standard Valves

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  • 1922 Indian Standard Valves

    Hoping someone has run into this before. I’m going over the top end of my 1922 Standard including replacing the valves. All the information I can find says the exhaust valve on the 1922 is the same as the on the Chief. The only real difference on these that I can see is the Chief valve is 3/32 shorter. To make things more confusing when I pulled the valves that were on the bike 3 are the longer ones and one is the shorter. Obviously some valve replacements in the last 99 years.
    I know the 22-24 bikes are kind of oddball but has anyone redone one and if you did did you use all the same valves or the shorter ones in the exhaust.


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    I can't speak for the Standard, but I can a bit for the early chief. Like all chief motors, there are 2 different length tappets, I believe the longer tappets go to the rear cylinder (can't remember for sure!). The valves are the same dimension all around but intake and exhaust are different types. The valves are the the same diameter and length as late model so that helps a lot. The only difference is the style of keepers used. I've run late model valves in my 24 chief for decades.

    I would suggest studying the parts book for the standard and lay out the part #'s for the valves and tappets. Then compare them to the early chief catalog. Any Chief part with the letter N prefix is the same as powerplus and standard. The valves are indeed the same, as I know many parts on the early chief carry the powerplus (or standard) part number. If they are the same then you can use Chief valves. From my 1922-31 Chief parts catalog, it shows all valves, guides, springs, keepers and dust covers are the same as Chief through 27. The guide changed in 28 but the valve never really changed, so you can use late model chief valves if you can slightly modify the keepers. If you're desperate, I may have some original valves that are usable.

    From the parts book:


    Hope this helps.

    Gene Harper


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      Thanks Gene,
      I appreciate the information. As you said I looked over the parts books and it was the intake and exhaust valves which are the same number (I originally said the exhaust valves). The new valves I picked up are two different sizes though, the intakes being a little shorter then the exhaust valves. I'll make sure I have the right ones before reassembly.