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Indian 4 upper case without plug for shifter fork?

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    You just don't know what the factory did back then. You may have a early case back half all right. Too bad they didn't keep the numbers. I had a 38 case welded the same way, and they guy kept the numbers intact. He did the welding in that area on the inside. His name was Bud Cox. My 36 has the place for the plate' but it hasen't been cut out to have access to the shifting adjusement. When shifting forks are set up if done correctly, I don't think further adj. is needed. When Indian went to the 38 and up models they used the early cases, and just changed the stud location. I guess they thought if it works why fix it. LIke my 37, and 47 power plants are almost the same, except for a few little mods. Stan