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    I know this doesn't really address the question of what fits the Indian shell but I run the B-38-6A in my 36 Chief and all 3 of my VL's and is readily available since it is also for the BMW's as mentioned. For the VL's I leave it in the box it comes in so it fits the battery box a little better and also insulates it some too. Can't see it in the VL's and the Chief is just the strap to hold the battery down on 36's and I really am not that concerned with looks but fit and function on my bikes.
    Now if I could find a repo side stand for the Chief to replace my broken one I would be happy. Greer shows the part but never seems to have them.

    Tom (Rollo) Hardy
    AMCA #12766


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      Rollo, I looked at my Indian again and I think that all I will need to do is to get a shorter Stud, maybe only 1/4" shorter. I've read that the B-38-6A (which is also what I use in my VLs) does fit inside the case. I think I will just have to use a shorter stud. The '46 Chief has a clamp that comes down from the top and does not use straps. But... I'll persevere, like I said... I think a shorter stud will "do it" for me. It's highly possible the stud in my Chief is the incorrect one.

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        So if I hack-saw open a DIXIE battery, Folks,...

        What is the best way to gut the lead?

        Thanks in advance as always,

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