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Chief Cylinder Heads Identification

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  • Chief Cylinder Heads Identification

    Over the years I have read and heard of information on the different cylinder heads on 46-48, 74 cu, chiefs. Especially standard and Bonneville.

    I have several sets, that came off of particular engines as a pair, and then I also picked up some heads at flea-markets.

    1. Is there a definitive serial rather casting number associated with standard and Bonneville heads; for front and rear, for each year 46-48.

    2. The combustion chamber: what are the differences that you can see by just looking at them.

    3. I have some with larger combustion chambers, ( some look like maybe the were milled) to increase compression. Or maybe, they were just made that way at the factory.

    4 And what differences might there be in 1945 and older heads.

    Thank you in Advance

    bjind #997