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Electric starter for my 80 incher

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  • Electric starter for my 80 incher

    Does anyone out there have an electric starter on their Chief? I'm wondering if they stand up to a high compression 80" motor with Bonneville Cams. I'm getting to old to keep kicking this beast over.

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    Get a hold of Kiwi Indian in California, he has very good starters for these bikes!


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      Just a personal view, I spent some time at Kiwi's shop a while back and he demonstrated his starters. I was real impressed with them. I don't want one myself, but thought they looked and worked very well - good luck.


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        I have two different electric starter set-ups for sale. One is a Tom Fusco Starter WITHOUT the kicker assy for a plunger frame, with a separate battery box, and mounting instructions. The other starter is from Timmerman (now deceased)in Germany. This one has a kicker pedal assy, but didn't come with any instructions (I copied the Fusco instructions, and used them). It needs a different sprag bearing, and it was initially purchased for use in my rigid frame. Both are actually Sportster starters, with nice machine work and quality throughout. Both starters set-ups have been fitted and mounted, but NEVER actually tested or used. I have had these for quite awhile, because I have an artificial knee. I have trained myself to start my bikes with my left leg, so I am willing to sell these starter units at a reduced price. Alot less than the KIWI units. I will entertain reasonable offers above $500 for either set-up. PM me for details. These starter kits are heavy, so postage will be substantial.


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          I put a Fusco one on my '47 chief sidecar outfit. 84 inch engine with Conley cams. It really needs a very heavy duty battery to turn it over and if it backfires then there goes the sprang bearing. They are very expensive to replace. Finally found one in Boise Idaho. A friend talked about putting a compression release valve in the heads. I have an extra set of heads and will probably have him do that. Kiwi's set up looks a lot easier to install and much cleaner appearance on the bike, however, I understand that he will only sell if he installs the setup. Check with him about this if you decide to put the electric start on your bike.


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            Thanks Guys,
            I haven't decided what I'm going to do yet. I would still like to hear from anyone using one to see how they hold up. I do like the idea of compression releases though.