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early sportster front fork boots

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  • early sportster front fork boots

    After three years and replacing the fork boots once a year on my 1965 XLCH restoration due to the cheep aftermarket ones cracking and dry rot. I found out that Harley Davidson have started making the 46001-54 boots only after talking to someone at the Davenport swap meet this year. So I called and ordered a pair from my local dealership and they seem to be be a better quality boot and maybe they will last a bit longer, only time will tell. I don't know if this was a secret or if other owners of the early sportsters have had this problem so I am just putting this out there. Hope this helps.


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    I think the boots were available all along, I bought a set at a dealer about 15 years ago. The boots should have been obsolete like everything else on the early forks since the 70s.


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      I can’t confirm it but I’ve been told that armorall and other silicon based protectants deteriorate aftermarket boots and baby oil is a better option. I’ve been using baby oil on what I presume are oem boots with no problems.