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1965 FL rear guards

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  • 1965 FL rear guards

    I'm working on a 65 FL and the rear guards have 2 different hole sizes. The rt. side is a 3/8" and the left side is a 1/2". I know there is some different in early and late production, but I'mnot sure what. I found a set listed on Ebay for late 65-67 and it appears to me it also has 2 different sizes. Can anyone help?

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    I think they went to bigger shock bolts because the 3/8 ones had a breakage problem. I don't know why they atren't the same, though, unless they are from different sets.


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      I've had a couple of these n the past and the earlier smaller ones were replaced due to breekage.
      I don't recall if the later ones screwed right into the guards or used the offset found on later bikes.
      Anyways you have a mixed set.


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        Thanks for the answers. I tend to agree I have a mixed set, now the search is on for the other one!


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          I believe the later, bigger ones also suffered excessive breakage,
          Bad design.
          I know I replaced the last ones I had with the later type that had offsets as opposed to screwing right in.
          There were several 1 year only deals on '65s.
          Pretty sure I have both sets of old ones, but in rough shape.
          Dunno what they worth.