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  • Panhead question

    I am trying to determine if the handlebar clamp cover on my 65FL is correct or not. I have been told the one on my bike is incorrect.
    I looked in my parts book for the part number of the handlebar clamp cover that should be correct for my 65FL. There are four part numbers shown.
    56588-60, black with the hole for the steering damper
    56589-60, polished with the hole for the steering damper
    56590-60, polished without the hole for the steering damper
    56591-60, black without the hole for the steering damper
    I determined the one for my bike should be 56590-60, I figured it would be simple enough, I took the cover off to see if there was a part number on the inside, well there is but not the one I expected, here is a picture of the inside of my cover.

    Part number 56585-60 is not listed in the parts book. I think I know the answer but need help from the experts to know for sure. I think the the four numbers in the parts book are "make from" the 56585-60 part. This makes sense to me as I am used to working with Caterpillar engineering drawings and they did this sort of thing all the time. The first number is the casting and then all the other numbers show the appearence variation.
    Here is the cover on my 65 which was on there when I got the bike from the original owner in 79, Is it correct or not?
    John Underwood
    Central Illinois

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    That number is the casting number and has little relation to the actual part number. It does tell you it was intended for the '60 model year and falls in the range of fork cover parts, but it was assigned by the engineers and draftsmen, not the guys writing the parts books.
    Robbie Knight Amca #2736


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      The part you show appears to be 56590-60 and appears to be correct.
      George and Kyle Marakas
      K & G Cycles


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        Thanks Robbie,
        That is what I figured. The headlight housing left and right sides are the same situation. The cast in number is not the same as the ones in the book for black or polished. Then parts like the D ring cover have the correct number, but in that case there is no variation, the one part fits every situation.
        Thanks for the confirmation George, Will you be at Davenport this year?
        John Underwood
        Central Illinois