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  • Lead substitute for Panheads...

    Does anyone have any advice about this product?
    considering weather to use this in my 58FL... Recently rebuilt engine with the original bronze valve seats in the heads... kibble white valves and guides... stock motor except for Andrews J cam and solids...569 miles on the motor and it’s running very well...the product is Motor Medic lead substitute
    thanks all!
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      Answering a question with questions is always infuriating, Steve!

      But please ask yourself: Why was lead added in the first place?

      What additives would replace that (that are not already in the P4gas,...?)

      What do bronze seats have to do with it, when they were prescribed for propane powered engines with zero additives?


      PS: And how often have you solved problems with something out of a bottle?

      I admit I still try...
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        Many thousands of miles on a Hydra Glide without additives.


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          I've got a really twisted point of view over the decades, Steve,..

          But tetra ethyl lead was added to gasoline for one reason only: To increase the 'octane rating' to prevent pre-detonation.
          All the other "valve seat wear" and other phenomenon didn't come into vogue until the early '80s, and it now seems it was clearly a pitch for the new "unleaded kits" fad, and I'm guilty too.

          But at least it gave us greatly improved hardware like Kibblewhite's, Rowe (*sigh*), etc.

          Its really a toss-up between whether more pan heads were destroyed by hardened seat replacements or Colony manifold conversions: Carl O got my dead soldiers, and I look forward to his body count!

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          Dumpster Diver's Motto: Seek,... and Ye Shall Find!


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            The parts exist to build the motor to run without additives. Save yourself the trouble of carrying extra stuff.



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              Thanks guys... sounds like it’s not necessary... this bike won’t see a lot of miles ... just trying to pamper the old gal...