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    went for about 100 mile ride , bike ran good. when arrived home noticed not enough power to work turn signals or blow the hella horns. generator lite never came on and again bike ran good. put battery tender on and within in half an hour plenty of power for horns and turn signals. all original 6 volt system. any thoughts ? thanks in advance

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    Originally posted by hennigan62 View Post
    ...generator lite never came on...
    Just a thought, did you check the bulb to make sure it works? Perhaps the light was trying to come on. Just throwing it out there.

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      generator light does come on during starting process and at slow idle . maybe something with voltage regulator ?


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        Beware, Hennigan62!

        If your battery is shot, it will overheat your armature, and that's a lot more expensive than a battery.

        Got a cheap Harbor Freight load tester?

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          i will check that route tonight. the battery is several years old . thanks


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            Sunny day and the bike was running fine. I know I would not notice the light especially if it was dimly lit.
            If the tender brought it up within a half hour, the battery was probably not fully discharged.
            Load testing the battery is a really good idea.
            Simple test of the charging system would be a good idea also.
            Digital voltmeter on battery terminals note battery voltage.
            Start bike note battery voltage should be above initial static voltage.
            Turn on headlight low beam, note voltage, high beam, note voltage, step on brake pedal, note voltage. Rev the engine a bit and make sure voltage increases.
            Battery terminal voltage during these load tests should always remain above 6.3-6.5 volts, if it does not you may have a charging issue and then you need a manual to trouble shoot the charging system.


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              cotton was on the right track. battery tested bad. checked service records and battery 6.5 years old. once new battery in i will check charging system with my multi meter. i will keep all posted . thanks for all the good advice.