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Police wiring schematic

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  • Police wiring schematic

    I'm in the process of reinstalling a police speedometer on a 64 Police FL that had the wiring harness removed at some point. My manuals do not provide any info. for the speedometer solenoid lock mechanism wiring. What I do know is that power is supplied to the handlebar lock button via one (black) wire from terminal #11 on the terminal block behind the headlight shroud. The ground is provided by the button itself when depressed. I'm looking for details on the two wires that are connected to the speedometer solinoid itself. Info as to wire color, where the power is initially pulled from and how was the single wire from the solenoid to terminal #11 routed? Was it fed into the existing four wire asbestos loom from the dash to the terminal block? Or was it a solo wire within its own asbestos sleeve. A wiring print for police units would be helpful, Any help would be appreciated. Mike