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Rear chain sprocket loose, need rivets and help

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    I am really impressed with the ingenuity and skill you guys have. I wish I had the ability and knowledge to make that type of jig, but I don't. So the best thing I can do is use a big hammer or an arbor press or a hydraulic bench press. What will give me the best results? Or, as some have suggested to me, use grade 8 bolts and nuts to put it together. What do you think???

    Carl Messina
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      The G 8 bolts won't hold up. And like it was mentioned the hand riveting is an art, but not impossible to do. You do need a good sturdy vice and the two tools to contact the rivet and the right weight hammer. Someone to hold the drum still and level would be really nice. First make sure you have the correct rivets. Practice by drilling 2 correct diameter holes in 2 different shaped pieces of plate, rivet the 2 in place and rap the plates with a hammer (as if you were trying to shear the rivets). After several hits if the rivets are loose it was'nt right. They should shear off before getting loose.
      Kerry AMCA # 15911


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        Here's something you might want to have a look at.


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          You might consider why the rivets failed on the sprocket. It appears that my rear brake drum sprocket rivets failed on my '56 Harley KHK because the bearings went bad and the wheel did not run true. This caused stress on the sprocket and rivets. At least, that is why we think the rivets failed.
          George Tinkham
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            49 tooth 028.jpg49 tooth 029.jpg49 tooth 030.jpg

            Just wanted to point out that grade 8 Allen screws do hold up. I ran this one for well over 100,000 miles on my 69 Rigid Shovel and it never came loose.