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VTwinn coil 6 Volt

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    Thanks Jeff, appreciate the photos. I plan to contact you in the near future, probably via email, no facebook here.
    Bob Rice #6738


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      Just bought one of Jeff's coils . He went way overboard to help.Even 2nd day air the wires on his dime .


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        I agree about V Twin coils. Out of 3 I’ve bought only one really worked, the other two would get me just far enough I couldn’t push home before cutting out. With a little patience waiting they would work again enough to return home. Another alternative is Trispark dual lead coils from Australia. They come in 6 or 12 volt and can be bought directly from the manufacturer or Baxter cycle in Iowa. I’ve had good luck with mine though it hasn’t been too long. They fit nicely in an old oem coil canister after removing all the existing sealer and coil. Somewhere on this forum someone posted detailed directions on mounting them in the canister. I believe if you put in ignition coil in the search bar it will come up.
        I’ve never seen the mounting brackets being sold but a junk V Twin coil can make a good donor as well as a junk coil picked up a swap.