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  • Neat story 1942 Knuckle

    This is kind of a neat story last month on the AMCA Instagram page they posted some pictures of a 1942 Knucklehead…..


    I looked at that bike and thought that looks like the Knucklehead my father had in the 70’s. I noticed it had a Jersey plate on it, and if I see it right the plate is from 1979, which is right around when my father sold it. After he sold it we never saw it again, and thought it was strange it wasn’t at any meets we went to (I’m from Jersey). So I dug out some old photos of the bike, here is one from about 1975…


    I mean how many chromed out 42 Knuckleheads from Jersey in the 1970s could there be? Same seat, same bags, same shift knob, same chrome details, gotta be. So on Instagram the AMCA thanked a gentleman named Jeff Smith and thanked him for his photos, so I contacted him and he told me he bought the bike at an estate sale in Pennsylvania from a family that had moved from New Jersey. I told him that was my father’s old bike and sent him what photos I had of it from back in the day. My father passed away the end of last year, and he was big on slide photos, so I’ll have to go through those to dig out any more pictures of it from back then. Best thing is the bike will be at Wauseon in July, I hope to get a chance to look it over as I haven’t seen it in like 44 years.

    Neat, right? The ironic thing that Jeff Smith told me is that he had just joined Instagram, he only made one post, the AMCA reposted the pictures and I happened to see them, or else I still wouldn’t know what happened to this bike. Which, by the way, was the first motorcycle I ever had a ride on.

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    Here are some more pictures of the bike, these are from 1971 when my father first got it.




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      I'll bet your Dad loved riding that '42 around, Joe. Those pictures of it in it's shiny state are stunning. I'm so glad you came across your Dad's old bike, and nice that you have a connection to it's current owner.
      Eric Smith
      AMCA #886


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        Wow, what a cool story. And that bike reminds me of my 45EL I put together in '74...back when chrome wasn't a four letter word!

        1945 EL Robbie.jpg
        1945 EL.jpg
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        Robbie Knight Amca #2736


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          That, IS a Neat~story Joseph. Believe it or not, there are forces beyond our control when coincidences like this present themselves straight out of the Blue. I've had a few similar choice circumstances in my lifetime, and to coin a phrase..."Thanks for the Memories".

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            Yeah, thanks to Instagram I’ll get to see it again. That’s something. He sold it late 70’s and I think I see the registration sticker in the photos is 79, so the guy that bought it only rode it a year or two, which is probably why we never saw it again. My father always said he knew where the guy lived and he should try to go get the bike back but he never did. Oh well.


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              Very cool history! If only you could get it back.


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                Ha! I don’t think I can afford if it was for sale.

                My father was always an Indian guy, but he must have had a soft spot for Harley Knuckleheads, in addition to the ‘42 shown above he bought two more knuckles about 20 years ago, a ‘37 and a ‘41. He never got to get them running, and he sold the ‘37 several years ago, but he still had the ‘41 which I’m going to get from his wife. Here is the ‘41 when he bought it….


                Hopefully soon I’ll have this on the road and I want to recreate the pictures he took back in 1971 except with this bike. (Those pictures were taken like 5 miles from my house).

                Then it’ll be a full circle.


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                  Your father left a great legacy. you can be very proud!


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                    Yesterday at Wauseon…..

                    After 45+ years I see my father’s Knuckle again….
                    Thanks Jeff (the new owner) for letting me sit on her!


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                      Great moment and opportunity, very cool!