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Oil pump gasket thickness

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  • Oil pump gasket thickness

    I am working on a 42 EL Knucklehead from a friend and at idle the oil lamp comes on when the motor is hot. I placed a gauge on the pump and maximum pressure I could read on the gauge was 15 PSI.I want to be sure that the gasket between the pump and the case is at factory thickness specification. Who knows what thickness it should be? The installed gasket is about 0,011" (0,027mm) But I found also damage inside the pump. When I disassembled the oilpump I noticed that the drive of the governor roter was broken off, peaces of the broken drive were still in scavenger idler gear. The roter turns now freely in pump cover housing. The steelplate that is between the roter and scavenger pump gears, showes marks of wear near the rotor drive and idler gear as well. Any idea what caused this damage? The friend has not riden this bike yet, he bought it from a friend and the motor should have been completely overhauled was the story..........thanks for your help. Adri Netherlands AMCA#6270

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    The oil pump gaskets available from the aftermarket are too thick, so I had them made thinner like the old originals, as for the scars on the steel plate, they are probably from the metal off of the rotor drive. I also had new rotor drive plates laser cut for replacement, both for the factory replacement and the block off plate style on the early pans. I personally would take it apart and check the whole motor before he ruins more parts or for piece of mind. Sounds like a big mess.