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Factory Grounding of the Headlight Shell

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  • Factory Grounding of the Headlight Shell

    Can someone tell me how the factory grounded the headlight shell to the fork on an offset springer (I assumes its the same on all late 40's springers)? I assume the headlight bracket paint has to be cleared from where the bracket meets the fork to transfer ground to the fork. But, how does the headlight shell ground to the headlight bracket? Does the paint need to be cleared from the underside of the bracket where the concave washer meets the bracket? Or, is the paint cleared from the bottom of the headlight shell where it meets the top of the headlight bracket (paint also cleared from the top of the bracket where the headlight meets it)?

    I appreciate the information.

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    I dont know what the factory did, but I just went through a grounding issue on 38, finally took a Dremel and cleared a bare spot on headlight shell and bracket. All good now.