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1939 Knucklehead EL value

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  • 1939 Knucklehead EL value

    I’m curious about the value of my 1939. It has numbers matching cases. BD9E1AAA-1890-4E0B-BDF5-873A56EB58C5.jpgDA21EA02-A426-4225-AFED-5E488228C3E4.jpgA12ACAF7-BAD6-47C8-8475-B29174446A1E.jpg5A1CAA74-6AE4-446D-B985-FEE9251D64F3.jpgD22C290D-DC85-40AE-A76B-FF1165604276.jpgIt was originally restored in 1985 and then disassembled and freshened up again two years ago. It now has a rebuilt transmission and clutch. It originally had a three speed with reverse and now has a four-speed. I still have all the original components to put it back to a three speed. The previous owner did all the work. He swears all the tins are original but it has a petcock on the top of the tank instead of on the bottom. It took second place at an antique motorcycle show with Willie T as one of the judges. Willie said that if it was assembled on a Friday they might’ve grabbed a 1940 tank and put it on there just to get the bike finished.

    I have the original two up seat but have replaced it with a single just to make it more comfortable to ride. It has a reproduction kickstand assembly, fender light, tail light, fish tail exhaust and the transmission cover is reproduction as well. The previous owner said that the original cover had a crack in it.

    Everything else is original including the headlight, speedometer which was rebuilt and the horn. It does have 16 inch wheels instead of the original 18 inch wheels. It had white wall tires on there but on concrete roads with the grooves it was too difficult to ride so I replaced them with some Coker “knobby” style tires.

    Any help with the value of this bike would be greatly appreciated. I know Hagerty puts this bike at $70,000 in excellent condition.

    I’m also curious as to why the same bike in 1947 is only valued at $28,000 according to Haggerty in excellent condition.

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    Sorry about the pictures being upside down, I have tons of pictures but this is all I had on hand


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      the pictures are so grainy that its hard to enlarge them & see details, but what i can see is your bike has 40 & newer heads & 5 fin cylinders on it & 40 & up tanks.
      even with the wrong parts & wheels i would value it around 35k.


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        Some late 39s had 5 fin cylinders and small port heads without the undrilled primer boss as well as the oil tank without the embossed top.
        Bob Patza


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          My neck got a little sore looking at the pics but I would think it would bring 40k+ likely. Hagerty only spits out what condition range you tell them and just run the auction numbers. Excellent condition is really damn good bike so you may have to drop that a notch. With 28k for a 47 Knuck shows their system is far from perfect!
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