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  • Harley j model paint

    Hi guys this is my first post. I am in Australia (yeah yeah ive heard the prison jokes LOL ) restoring a 1924 Harley JE. Bike requires full restoration and my intention is to have it looking like it just rolled out of the factory in 1924 especially re finishes eg paint plating parkerising etc . Could anybody tell me what sort of paint was used on frame and tinware .I guess it would have been some sort of enamel ? Re finish on Schebler carby I figure plating it with nickel and zinc ( no brightener) simultaneously ( i do my own plating) would produce as close to original dull nickel finish. Any ideas ? I was fortunate enough recently to have purchased a one owner 1993 FXR convertible with 38 000km on clock in showroom condition with history. Would have to be one of best riding bikes from that era. Thanks for your informative discussions on these topics and more. Andrew

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    H-D baked their enamel paint in those days, but a discussion on motorcycle paint could go on for days Modern enamel paint from brand name manufactures is excellent, easy to apply, and durable. The tough part is getting the color right. Andrew, you are very fortunate to have a 1924 J as they are the last of the skinny Harleys before the streamline '25 and later H-Ds. You should get a copy of Steve Slocombe's recent book on the J Harley era as every J model year is unique, and individual, and Steve is diligent in his research. His book will be an important tool in getting things right.
    Eric Smith
    AMCA #886


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      Dear Eric, thanks for the nice words and I have also matched the much-used Olive Green paint to that on an original tank.