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  • New Member/WL45 questions/Not sure how to use Forum yet

    WL45 newbie........ Just fired up a 1947 WL45 for the first time and am way out of my comfort zone. For now, I have two questions first is that I have oil spitting out the rear cylinder intake tappet tube. I tightened it up (Not sure how tight it should be) and it still spits some oil, right at the top of the tube nut. The other three nuts do not spit/leak and they seam to be all about the same tightness. My second question is how much oil returns to the oil tank? I can see it coming back to the tank at the left upper side of the dip stick. It seems to be a steady small stream? The oil light is not lit, so I think I'm ok, but I would hate to guess. There is also light wisps of smoke or steam that come out of the oil tank with the cap off. I haven't ran the bike much more than 5 minuets because I'm afraid. Can anybody educate me? Thanks in advance, It's appriciated!!!!!

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    all sounds normal !


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      1) There are (3) seals involved with the Valve tappet/spring covers. The middle seal and upper seal are unaffected by the tightening of the lower cover. You have an issue with the seal which in short requires the cylinder head and cylinder to be removed for proper repair.

      2) The return rate sounds correct on the pump as you describe. However the vapor you mentioned is a sign on "Blow by". This is an issue with the piston rings and/or cylinder walls failing to seal combustion pressure above the piston. This also will require cylinder head and cylinder removal to repair properly. You'll have to perform a proper leak down test to determine which cylinder and or possibly both.

      Hope this helps,


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        If the motor is fresh you might get a little blow by until the rings seat I would think.


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          Thanks for the info. The head bolts are numbered in a torque pattern, so I think it's been apart. Looks as though it may be a fresh engine based on brand new fluids, fresh gaskets etc, but not 100% sure. It still sounds like I will need to remove the cylinder head to fix the oil leak. No other options? Thanks again!!!