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Foot brake crossover shaft bushings

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  • Foot brake crossover shaft bushings

    Hi Everyone,

    I took a much needed break from the toiling on the VL to ride my modern machine through the Poconos the last three days. As I rode Route 6 I kept imagining how different it would be on the VL.

    Back to work.

    I have the correct gear case breather tube installed. The rubber hose, melted all the way through wall and exposing the oil to the exhaust pipe, is gone.

    Next, I discovered, with the help of Tom at Replicant Metals, that none of the linkages from the pedal to the brake lever are correct. I also had to remove the bushings for the crossover shaft because they were to worn. But now I'm discovering that they're no where to be found.

    Any ideas where I can find crossover shaft bushings for '32 VL. I looked in the parts manual and didn't find a part number. It's possible though that I looked in the wrong place.

    If you didn't know, Tom suffered a nasty fall a couple weeks ago. He's laid up in bed. Send him well wishes, I'm sure he'd appreciate it.


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    Dear Loch, the part number you are looking for is 4075-31A for those bushings, also known as 47755-31. They were used up to 1957 so should not be too hard to find.


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      If Steve is correct then Colony or Tedd has them. Same '36 to '57 BT.


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        Thank you Steve. I thought it was probably a part that saw a lot of reuse throughout the years of mechanical brake applications.


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          I bought the Colony ones for my 31V. From memory they are a little shorter in length but not enough to worry about. Maybe 1/8" or so.


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            Thanks Pete!

            I think the ID and OD would be of primary concern. Agreed 1/8" in length isn't much of a concern. The bushings on my machine were so worn that there was significant movement in the shaft. I understand that movement translates into lost braking power. I had other issues as well, like incorrect components. I'm having to rebuild the entire linkage from the pedal to the lever on the brake with repop parts. I have the rod for the left side. I'm hunting down the left and right bell cranks, right side rod and all the clevises and pins.

            Best regards,


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              I think I got clevis pins from Colony as well. I'm on travel for work this week so can't shoot out to the garage to check but their website will tell you.


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                I sold out my left and right bell cranks to Harbor Vintage and Replicant Metals, and they may have some left. The rods and clevises have been reproduced in the US for a while.


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                  Thanks Steve. Tom at RM sent me the bell cranks. I have all the hardware now so this weekend I'll get to put it back together and start the tuning and running in process. Just in time for the cold weather.



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                    both Colony & V-twin sell the bushings & much of the linkage parts.


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                      Knuck 61 check post #3