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VLD sprocket race replacement

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  • VLD sprocket race replacement

    My friend bought a 1936 VLD basket case. The engine has been apart in boxes for many years. I've rebuilt several Shovelhead engines so I under took the assembly. The sprocket race has been magnetized and I need to replace it but there is an oil slinger in the exterior of the case in front of the race. This thing has a serrated edge. I am not sure how to remove this. Does this race and slinger push out from the inside then on reassembly does the race go in from the inside to the proper distance then does the slinger go back in from the outside?
    Thank you

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    Dear Pete, that is part 421-30 the chain lubricating bushing. It is pinned to the inside of the crankcase to stop it turning, then held in place by the left side case bushing, itself held in by three 423-29 retaining screws. So to remove it you take out the retaining screws, heat the case to remove the bearing bushing, then the oiler probably drops out or needs a light tap. Assembly is the reverse, making sure the pin matches the hole inside the crankcase. Harley says the lubricating bushing clears the drive shaft by 7 thou. Don't forget Replicant Metals and Harbor Vintage will have copies of my VL Restoration book.


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      Replicant also sell a replacement item that uses a rubber seal if you don't want oil getting out there. The chain would still get oiled via the crankcase breather.

      0421-30 Sprocket Shaft Seal Bushing (


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        Thanks guys I was worried I was going to have to replace the race as it was magnetized but I was able to demagnatize the race with a rare earth magnet.