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  • Servi car axle

    I am looking for a short Servi Car axle, does any one make them any more? 45 restoration has none and said their supplier died. I have my 2 broken axles at the machine shop to make one good one. The owner is an old bike guy, he said he could start making them. Is there much demand for either the long or short axle? What kind of cost is anyone seeing on them?

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    I bought both axles from 45 Restoration about two years ago for I believe about $300. I do not know of anyone making them. Also need someone to make 1951 and up rear brake drums. when I installed the new axles I converted rear brakes to discs All rear brake drums I find are warped


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      I have a complete hydraulic style rear end available if someone needs one.
      Robbie Knight Amca #2736


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        what kind of price do you have on the rear end? Where are you located? I am in mid Missouri