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Adjustable Trees - Mounting Question

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  • Adjustable Trees - Mounting Question

    Can someone tell me please why the filler plugs an the adjustable trees are postioned toward the rear of the forks. I initially had asembled the forks with the plugs facing forward, but repositioned them after reading the service manual. Bit of PITA since it meant taking the front end apart.

    Thanks in advance


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    On pre-nacelle models it allows the oil to be changed without taking anything apart other than the rear panels.
    Robbie Knight Amca #2736


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      Ruben is correct. Though it might seem odd, you have to remember that otherwise you need to remove the headlight and front panel instead of just removing the rear ones. If you look in the old HD manual there is a special tool to put oil in the forks. I made one for my old bike.


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        Makes sense for pre-60 models. Running the adjustable trees on my 65 FLH. Saw the statemnet re: trees in the service manual and could not figure out why. Took my front end apart in order to follow the guidelines. Looks like it was not necessary because with the aluminum shroud you have to take them off completely in order to get at the parts