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  • bushings

    Anyone know where to get 31470-66 starter cover bushing and 35098-66 trans cover bushing for 69 servicar?

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    I have both bushings at


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      Paps, thanks for the response. I know I am slow to get back but don't think I need them except to check end play of the starter shaft. Is there a dimension I should look for? All I am doing is replace the bendix gear. The old one looks like it crashed into the ring gear is why I ask. Thanks for your help.


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        Just the parts dimensions for end play. I've never seen a factory spec on end play Bushing flange thickness could be a problem if to thin. Can you post a pic or two of the trashed out bendix gear. It may not be trashed from end play issue. A visual for me will permit me to diagnose the damage.


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          Paps, I did replace the bushings. Got them local after I got the sizes. The small was o.e.m. Lucky? I ended up with .008 end play. Can't do a pic of old bendix but thinking the the marks on it came from the old owner having a goofy master link on the chain. Took the old one apart and the springs were all ground up and only 2 rollers doing any thing. It is a funny it work at all. Thanks for your input.


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            A lot of times the engagement fork from the solenoid plunger has flats worn on the teats which causes the end play excess travel. Another part which wears with the fork is the spool groove.