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Harley Side car ball joint removal

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  • Harley Side car ball joint removal

    Anyone have any tips or tricks on removing the Ball joint on a 43 Harley sidecar frame to replace the nuts.
    I have swaged screws out and fixing to get hateful with it.

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    The factory tool is pretty brutal. Use heat and a disposable bearing puller....
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    Robbie Knight Amca #2736


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      There is a good post on this with a lotdetailed of pictures on the Shovelhead Forum. Dont know how to post link but go to

      "Sidecar Issues & Questions"
      Then "Plumbers Joints" by Devils Halfacre. This post will come up on the second page in the sidecar section.

      Good luck with it.


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        Thanks guys, I couldn't find the Shovelhead Forum but Robbie hinted at what I was already expecting, its gonna suck....
        I will get it just hoping for an easier way.


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          I'd try a bodacious slap-hammer, Knuckcrazy!

          It doesn't look that permanent if its un-pinned.

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            I used a slide hammer axle puller bolted to Robbie's, pictured, bearing puller tool after soaking it for a few days with a 1:1 ratio mixture of ATF and acetone. I also had to chain the sidecar frame to our huge corner post. I did try a propane torch the first time with the slide hammer, but failed. I guess I was lucky that it was the back one and my gondola nor wheel was on it was not
            Good luck, you will get it, even if you have to get mid evil on it.


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              I had a friend make me a tool similar to the bearing puller. It however is 1 1/2“ thick solid steel. After weeks of soaking with Kroil and tapping on the joint, I put the tool on and used a 10# sledgehammer to bang the backside and it finally came out. As Ryan said I had to tie the frame to a column to keep it from sliding. Good luck.
              Bob Selph
              1933VC/1934LT Sidecar
              1940 Sport Scout


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                I can help you out if you still need it. PM me are


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                  Ive used a ball joint fork or modified tie rod end remover.