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Indian Sidecar/Sidevan,Commercial, Frame ?

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  • Indian Sidecar/Sidevan,Commercial, Frame ?

    I have had this frame for several decades; and it has been tucked away, and hard to get to. So I never really researched it; as to what year, it could be from.

    Would I be wrong in thinking that is is an Indian? I do remember, that the previous owner said it was an Indian. It is not the later Chief style, I am sure of that.

    The springs are heavier than the ones on most early sidecars; and there are three springs. This is leading me to think it was for a commercial box rather than a passenger sidecar; but what do I know, hardly nothing about this. Just the length of the springs are 54 inches, and the frame is heavy. Another clue is that it has a 500x16 disc wheel; most passenger sidecars have spoked wheels

    I matched it up to an Indian frame, that I found on the internet; and all of the major pieces are identical. but it didn't have a body to it either.

    There is a very clear serial or model number on the font casting; which is: C-14 with a B directly below the C-14. In my pic, the center tubular support, that usually hooks around the upper motorcycle frame tube, near the motorcycle seat, is loose and can be adjusted to fit the motorcycle; I just have it connected but not tightened in place.

    Does anybody know what this is and what year?


    Thank You

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    1947 Chief frame

    Here are the pics I found on the internet.

    If the frame came with that sidecar body; maybe I have to recheck another late model Chief .IMG_5841-1024x683,Frame.jpgIMG_5825-1024x683,Sidecar Body.jpg

    This is what I found online



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      I just re-checked the frame of a late model Chief and it definitely different from the frame I first posted.

      The posting of the frame and the body, that I found on the internet; that frame is very similar to the bare frame I have.

      Does anybody have a comment on this .



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        Definitely not HD. Looks Goulding to my untrained eye. Jerry


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          Originally posted by Jerry Wieland View Post
          Definitely not HD. Looks Goulding to my untrained eye. Jerry
          Yes Jerry, It appears to be a Goulding; possibly a Rocket model.

          Many of this model were used on Harleys and Indians, from the pics I have found on-line and at the Goulding site. In fact in post # 2 that frame is with an Indian sidecar body. The Rocket body can be found on the Goulding site. The previous owner of mine said it was on an Indian at one time.

          I may take it to the Oley,PA AMCA show this month.

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            My 1940 Goulding Sport Rocket.
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