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  • Two Stroke Engine Seals

    I just purchased a 1971 Yamaha CT-1. The bike is in good condition and I am pretty sure it has spent most of it's life stored inside. Very little rust, runs well paint is faded. Odometer shows 3.5k but cable was disconnected. Very little wear on foot peg rubbers shifter rubber etc, so pretty sure it is low mileage. It also runs great auto lube works no excessive smoke.
    The guy I bought it from was flipping it and I was ok with that. He did state that he was running Aviation fuel in it, I asked why and he said no ethanol to destroy the engine seals. I never would have given that a thought.
    So how about it guys is this overkill? It seems to make sense to me but is it really necessary? Here in the great state of NJ it is difficult to find fuel without ethanol and I am not sure if it is legal to run a motorcycle on ethanol free gas. Is it worth the extra aggravation to go purchase ethanol free fuel in a gas can to run in this machine?

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    wonder if he's thinking the ethanol destroys those seals like it does in smaller 2-stroke motors like mowers and chainsaws....which it does (ask me about my chainsaw). What's weird is that we can find ethanol free gas here without looking too hard, but when you look at for NJ it mostly lists aviation fuel locations...unlike your PA and NY neighbors that have lots of choices. is the definitive list of ethanol-free gas stations in the U.S. and Canada
    Pisten Bulley is Harry Roberts in Vermont.


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      Thanks Harry, I never even gave two stroke power equipment a thought. I know over the past several years I have gone through a few leaf blowers and I replace rather than repair them so I am not sure what causes their demise. I do have a Husqvarna chain saw for the last ten years and have had no problem with it and I usually cut 5-6 cords of wood a year, I did put one clutch in it. Perhaps it depends on the seal quality being used. I would bet that a fifty year old two stroke motorcycle has a different composition seal than what is used today. I think I will play it safe and use the AV gas. There is also a station close by that used to sell non ethanol race fuel but the track close to it is going away so the demand will also go away. BTW there are many trees and leaves in South Jersey.