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Driveshaft oil & seal.... R80/7

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  • Driveshaft oil & seal.... R80/7

    Seems kinda quiet on the German bike page on the AMCA forum. Must be because German bikes are so reliable & so infrequently in need of any maintenance...
    Well, I guess maybe my '78 is a bit of an outlier then..
    When I got the bike the engine, trans & rear end were all full of fresh oil, but the driveshaft was dry. I put a few ounces of oil in it (kinda hard to tell if it's full). Since then I've continued to add an ounce or two once in a while, but it doesn't seem to fill up. I'm sure I've added at least the 150ml that the manual says it's supposed to have. Initially I guessed that the seal was probably bad & the oil was ending up in the final drive, but the final drive doesn't seem to be gaining any oil. It's not leaking out on the ground anywhere either. Is the seal between the driveshaft & final drive likely to wear out & allow oil to drain from the driveshaft to the final drive? Do I just need to keep pouring oil into it? Anyone got any thoughts?

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    It isn't intended to be 'full". If you haven't made a check dipstick as outlined in the service manual then just drain it, put the right amount back in, and leave it alone.
    And yes, if the rear seal is bad it leaks into the rear drive.
    Robbie Knight Amca #2736